Modern Day Philosophers with Danny Lobell

Maz Jobrani joins Danny this week to discuss the Muppets, Peace in the Middle East, Identity, Iran, Education and the philosophy of Al-Farabi the shows first Persian Philosopher. It's a great show so go ahead and listen!

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Kelly Carlin and Danny have become close friends over the past few years so this episode aside from being interesting is also full of laughs. The two discuss the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson and get into ideas on Nature, Spirituality, Banter, and even revisit an old Carlin family theme; Plastic.

This is one you don’t want to miss folks!


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Marc Maron invites Danny into his legendary garage for this week’s episode and even lets him sit in his chair which may or may not possess magical comedy powers. The two discuss Baruch Spinoza and the idea of God and Nature vs. the more traditional idea of an interpersonal creator.

Other topics covered are faith, being comfortable with yourself and figuring out how to best contribute to the world.

It’s Maron folks so…yea! go listen!


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