Modern Day Philosophers with Danny Lobell

Shaun Latham comes by the show to talk about Thomas Reid and his views on moral perception. Shaun tells Danny how his lazy eye has affected his view of the world and about how Shaun didn't know who his father was for the first 15 years of his life. They discuss Shuan's days working in a prison and why he is always on the move.


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Reggie Watts comes by the studio to discuss John Cage, music theory, smog, nothingness, food, France, personal freedom and the forces of the universe with Danny.

At some point there is even some free style music the two do together and Danny learn a bit about Reggie’s childhood.



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Carl Reiner is this weeks guest. Carl is a master comedian and writer who’s works include the Dick Van Dyke show and writing for Your show of shows as well as directing the Jerk and many other great films. Carl and Danny discuss his new book “I just remembered” as well as discussing the works of Moses Ben Maimon aka Maimonides.

The conversation ranges from topics of religion, prayer and memory to directing, writing and noticing things.

It’s a great one folks so enjoy!

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Kliph Nesteroff comes by Danny’s place to talk word origins, comic origins, podcast origins and why he writes about history but should not be thought of as a historian. Kliph requested that his philosopher be Bertand Russell and the two discuss Russell’s views on “First cause”, Religion and race.

Also Kliph does a pretty pretty pretty decent Larry David impression at some point in the show that he credits Danny for originally conjuring up in him.


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