Modern Day Philosophers with Danny Lobell

Robert Klein invites Danny over his apartment in NYC and they discuss everything from Robert's writing and performing to his divorse and they even get in some nice pieces of philosophy from Jean-Jacques Rousseau on education. Robert sings a little, talk Rodney Dangerfeild, Lenny Brice and Joan Rivers.


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Mark Schiff visits the Lobell House Productions studio to discuss the Philosophy of Hillel the Elder. The converstaion covers everything from how to avoid bitterness to marrage and selflessness. The also discuss comedy greats Rodney Dangerfeild, Don Rickles and Jerry Seinfeld. Enjoy!

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Roy Wood Jr. comes by Lobell House Productions to talk to Danny Lobell about the philosophy of Benjamin Franklin. The conversation ranges from discussions on how Roy climbed to fame and how he tries to draw after his sitcom "Sullivan and Sons" comes to an end some day. They discuss Birmingham, Alabama and what it was like growing up there as a black man in a place with a history of racism. They also talk about why people like to go visit spots from their favorite TV shows. Roy suggests amongst other things that the Capital of New Mexico be changed to Walter White's house. It's a fun one folks. Enjoy. 

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