Modern Day Philosophers with Daniel Lobell

A.J. Jacobs hosts Daniel Lobell to talk about philosophy, religion, what is involved in being an author, and a recap of the global family reunion that A.J. threw and Daniel participated in a few years back.

It’s a great talk and they also discuss the ideas of JL Schellenberg.





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Some years ago Daniel Lobell sat down for an interview with the now late Howard Lapides. In this episode Daniel also reflects on the tragic loss of his friend and former manager David Kimowitz. Please Zelle donations to help the Kimowitz family to (if you are able to help his family. He is survived by a widow and two small Children) Thank you.

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Colt Cabana comes by Daniel Lobell's Edinburgh flat (apartment) in Scotland at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They talk about Colt's career as a professional wrestler, getting into the WWE, and being fired from the WWE, which led him to doing the DIY thing. They discover together that they have a lot in common in their stories and somewhere along the line, even get into the ideas of Carl Von Clausewitz and get philosophical. Also, Daniel reveals some very big news at the beginning of the episode that you won't want to miss! With special guest Kylie Ora Lobell.



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Lola Blanc comes over to Daniel Lobell's house to talk about her fascinating story of her childhood growing up in the Mormon church, her mother being taken by a deceptive false messiah and finding her way into music. The conversation touches on everything from dating Marlyn Mason to the philosophy of August Comte and this marks our first musician on the show!


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Barry Katz is a legendary comedy manager and producer. He co produced the hit show Last Comic Standing. He managed Dane Cook, Dave Chappelle, Nick Di Paolo and Louis CK.

He stops by to talk to Daniel Lobell about his story, his life after divorce, being a father and to talk about some of the philosophy of Herbert Spencer.


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Jackie Martling invites Daniel Lobell over for a talk the ranges on everything from the Howard Stern show to addiction to marriage to the philosophy of Jeremy Bentham.

Lots of fun and of course Jokes!


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Myq Kaplan joins Daniel to discuss some of the ideas of philosopher/writer Oscar Wilde. Myq and Daniel have been friends for years and they catch up. Myq is also the voice of the new intro song lyrics written by Zach Sherwin.

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