Modern Day Philosophers with Danny Lobell (comedy)

Mike Tsirklin, one of Danny’s oldest friends in comedy stops by to talk about Plutarch, his time teaching math in the South Bronx, education, school shootings and what will happen when the aliens attack!




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Helen Hong comes by Lobell House Productions (my room upstairs) to talk about Confucius and why he’s responsible for messing up her childhood. They talk morality, the treatment of women in Korea (and also all Asian women), treatment of the elderly and how they are portrayed in American entertainment, race, Buddhism, family relations and the Coen brothers.

It’s a great talk, Enjoy!

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Dylan Brody, Comedian, Writer and Storyteller comes by the apartment to discuss the works of Voltaire and to play with the dogs! The conversation ranges from subjects such as the difference between art and entertainment to whether evil is necessary to make the world good.
A great talk with a great guy.


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Eddie Brill comes by to discuss philosophy from Peter Singer. The conversation ranges from healthy eating to peace of mind, deflecting negativity and living in the positive, caring for others and caring for yourself. Danny and Eddie have been friendly for years and it shows in this very entertaining and in depth discussion.

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Andy Kindler comes by to discuss philosophy from Michel Foulcault. The conversation covers critics, reality vs history, imagination vs truth, self sabotage, fear and power. Andy is always hilarious and a treat to listen to. Enjoy!

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Melissa Villasenor visits the show this week to talk Wassily Kandinsky, Art, Music, Comedy, Life, Death, Religion, G-d, Praying, Loving and tattooing. Melissa is one of the most fun acts to watching LA and she shows us why in this episode. She is both very honest and vulnerable as well as funny and talented in so many ways from impressions to singing to just being Melissa.


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Mike Lawrence and Danny Lobell discuss Thor, Superman, Batman, Moonnight, Spiderman, Clover (Danny’s Super hero he made up as a kid) Breaking Bad, The Flintstones, Cicero, The Flintstone’s again and Les Miserables in this weeks show. We find out why Mike still loves comics and we figure out how government should be running. Enjoy!

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Todd Glass and Danny Lobell discuss the works of John Locke this week. The conversation ranges from Todd disscussing his "sheding the shed" (coming out as homosexual) to social justice, identity, religion, chilld abuse and even eggplant parmisan! Todd has great things to say and there are some fantastic funny and touching moments in the whole thing. All in all a great talk! Enjoy!

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Maz Jobrani joins Danny this week to discuss the Muppets, Peace in the Middle East, Identity, Iran, Education and the philosophy of Al-Farabi the shows first Persian Philosopher. It's a great show so go ahead and listen!

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Kelly Carlin and Danny have become close friends over the past few years so this episode aside from being interesting is also full of laughs. The two discuss the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson and get into ideas on Nature, Spirituality, Banter, and even revisit an old Carlin family theme; Plastic.

This is one you don’t want to miss folks!


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