Modern Day Philosophers with Danny Lobell

Susie Essman invites Danny to her apartment in New York where they discuss philosophy from Niccolo Machiavelli. The conversation covers Judasim and Women's rights, Susie's method of acting, dealing with internal voices and dealing with fear.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy!


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Wyatt Cenac is on the show this week and...we hit 50 episodes!!! Great talk, done in Wyatt's apartment in NYC. We talk fame and faith. We also discuss how to do a robot voice. Enjoy!

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Colin Quinn invites Danny over to his apartment for a lovely afternoon of football and comedy talk. Dante Alighieri is the philosopher this week and we discuss mortality, immortality, fame, Heven, Hell, Rats and Rice.

It's a good one folks!


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Alex Fossella joins Danny in a rental Jeep at two in the morning in Brooklyn NY to discuss the past season highlights and answer some questions written in by a listener. Get ready for season Five and Enjoy the wrap up show! 

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Robert Klein invites Danny over his apartment in NYC and they discuss everything from Robert's writing and performing to his divorse and they even get in some nice pieces of philosophy from Jean-Jacques Rousseau on education. Robert sings a little, talk Rodney Dangerfeild, Lenny Brice and Joan Rivers.


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Mark Schiff visits the Lobell House Productions studio to discuss the Philosophy of Hillel the Elder. The converstaion covers everything from how to avoid bitterness to marrage and selflessness. The also discuss comedy greats Rodney Dangerfeild, Don Rickles and Jerry Seinfeld. Enjoy!

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Roy Wood Jr. comes by Lobell House Productions to talk to Danny Lobell about the philosophy of Benjamin Franklin. The conversation ranges from discussions on how Roy climbed to fame and how he tries to draw after his sitcom "Sullivan and Sons" comes to an end some day. They discuss Birmingham, Alabama and what it was like growing up there as a black man in a place with a history of racism. They also talk about why people like to go visit spots from their favorite TV shows. Roy suggests amongst other things that the Capital of New Mexico be changed to Walter White's house. It's a fun one folks. Enjoy. 

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Paul Provenza stops by to talk to Danny about the works of Saul Kripke, and explore the idea of where our knowledge come from. The conversation ranges from topics of love to giving and taking to appreciating what you to preception of reality and even Illuminati! Enjoy!

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Adam Lustick, one of Danny's good friends in comedy, comes by to discuss one of the most famous and influential bald men of all time: Aristotle. The two talk about everything from hair loss to weight gain and dogs, shopping centers, and gasoline and just about everything in between. It's a fun one folks. So enjoy!

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Shecky Greene is a legend in the world of Stand Up Comedy and was kind enough to host Danny Lobell to record an episode with him at his vacation home near San Diego. The two discuss philosophy from Pascal which also leads to discussions on Shecky's life long gambling habit. The two comics also discuss how they both have horses named after them. Other topic covered include Lenny Bruce, filth in comedy and Vegas and the mob.


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