Modern Day Philosophers with Danny Lobell

Kliph Nesteroff comes by Danny’s place to talk word origins, comic origins, podcast origins and why he writes about history but should not be thought of as a historian. Kliph requested that his philosopher be Bertand Russell and the two discuss Russell’s views on “First cause”, Religion and race.

Also Kliph does a pretty pretty pretty decent Larry David impression at some point in the show that he credits Danny for originally conjuring up in him.


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Larry Miller joins Danny to discuss Albert Camus. The discussion ranges from topics like travel and attire to Larry's near death experience and how it's changed his perspective on life, death, family, work and spirituality.

It's a great talk with a great comedian!


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Hear how it all began and enjoy talks with Janeane Garofalo on Tom Regan, Wayne Federman on Neitzsche , Zach Sherwin on Martin Heidegger, Ari Shaffir on Immanuel Kant, Yakov Smirnoff on Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Dwayne Perkins on Epictetus, Rick Shapiro on Mencius, Matt Kirshon on George Barklay, Rick Overton, Katy Olson on Aldous Huxley, Fred Stoller on Maria Bamford on Jean-Paul Sartre. It's Season One of Modern Day Philosophers available exclusively on

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