Modern Day Philosophers with Danny Lobell (comedy)
S6: Ep.71: Darryl Lenox and Thomas More

Darryl Lenox and Danny Lobell sit down at the Stand Up! Records Akumal Comedy Festival to discuss philosophy from Tomas More. Darryl also tells stories of being a con man, growing up with a pimp for a father and working with Chris Rock! 

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"Professor" Irwin Corey is 102 years old. He welcomes Danny into his House in Manhattan - Yes HOUSE in Manhattan! They talk about everything from the Professor's childhood, to Nazis to the early days of stand up comedy with Lord Buckley, George Carlin and Lenny Bruce. They also discuss some philosophy from Mahatma Gandhi.




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Liz Miele visits Danny this week to discuss everything from her parents to relationships, holding on to your inner child, managing your inner crazy and Magic! 

It's a great talk and in it Danny and Liz go from longtime co-workers to legit friends!


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Jason Zumwalt visits Danny Lobell to discuss Augustine of Hippo. They talk about why Jason left Stand up, grand theft auto, and having jokes stolen. It's a great talk and filled with impressions and some really great moments.

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Henry Phillips came by Danny Lobell's studio and discusses everything from Metal bands to nipple clamps and the Marquis de Sade in this hilarious episode of Modern Day Philosophers. Brought to you by Stand Up! Records. Enjoy!

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JT Habersaat and Danny meet for the first time on this epsiode of Modern Day Philosophers. The two really hit it off and figure out while discussing William of Ockham and his famous razor that they really have a lot in common. This episode is sponsored by Stand Up! Records.


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Jessie Beth Kahnweiler joins Danny at his house to discuss Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The two talk about everything from rape to bulimia to Mel Brooks, more Mel Brooks, and how Jessie's mom will feel about the episode when she inevitably listens to it. Jessie is a very talented comedian and filmmaker and this episode is hilarious. It's sponsored by Stand Up! Records.


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Owen Benjamin comes over the house and we talk skepicism, Big and Tall, REM Sleep and the Sky. It's a good one folks, Enjoy!

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Dante Nero, Danny's long time comedy friend, invites him to his Brooklyn studio "the Pimp cup" to talk Georg Simmel and social and physical relationships. Dante being an ex-pimp and ex-stripper has some interesting ideas on women that he shares.


Also, Danny is getting married in a few hours!


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Dave Anthony stops by to discuss Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz with Danny. The talk flys, monards and parenting. They also uncover one of the greatest controvercies in Math History! Enjoy! 

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