Modern Day Philosophers with Danny Lobell (comedy)

Jackie Mason and Danny meet up in a diner in midtown to talk as they used to for so many years when Danny was in his twenties.

They discuss in depth Jackie's childhood and his early days in comedy. They also talk a bit about religion and Martin Luther. 


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Danny and Alex Fossella meet at Danny's old college radio station to discuss the past season. They talk about Danny reconnecting with Jackie Mason and getting turned down by Jerry Lewis.

Mostly they just talk about their highlights from the season.


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Gilbert Gottfried has Danny over his NYC apartment to discuss Søren Aabye Kierkegaard's writings on anxiety. They talk about everything from Monster movies, antisemitism, fear, Jewish identity, twitter hate, cyber bullying and dealing with twisted public perception. It's a great finale for a great fifth season.


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Dawn Luebbe comes over to discuss Chrysippus and how our past affects our present and future. The discuss Dawn's new book "My 1992 Diary" and what it was like growing up on Grandma's farm in Nebraska. Spoiler alert, there where a lot of Jello salads.


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Jordon Ferber invites Danny to his Brooklyn apartment to discuss greif and the writings on it by C.S. Lewis. The two talk about kosher delis, cartoons and recount stroires from their long time friendship. The conversation eventually gets very personal as Jordon talks about the loss of his brother Russell Ferber (may he rest in peace) and what he has done to handle loosing someone who is so a part of who he is. They discuss the great work Jordon has done in his brothers memory and how he has ensure that Russell's legacy lives on.


At the top is a quick talk with Stand Up! Records creator and CEO Dan Schlissel who also talks about the greif he has had in loosing his close friend Gus Lynch (may he rest in peace) with whom he co-founded the Akumal Comedy festival.



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Marty Allen has Danny over his house in Vegas to talk John Stuart Mill, fighting in WW2 and hanging with Elvis. Great talk with a show biz legend! Enjoy!

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Todd Barry has Danny over his "New" New York Apartment to talk high/low energy, anger, living alone, favorite citys, Houses vs. apartments, and the ideas of Francis Bacon the philosopher, not the artist.


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Jared Logan comes by Lobell House productions studios to discuss philosophy from Leo Tolstoy. The talk includes everything from growing up in West Virginia to Pentecostal Christianity to Michael Keaton and Billy Joel to the significance how giving and taking affect our lives. 

It's a great show very worth the download.



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Joe Franklin, in what may be his last interview, has Danny over his famous Times Square office to talk about everything from Show biz greats he interviewed to getting old to stories from his childhood and memory in general. The two discuss Philosopher Henri Bergson in between his many phone calls for which he was well known to recieve. 

Rest in Peace Joe Franklin.

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